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By Praveen Wadalkar

9-Times TEDx Speaker|Stage & Video Communication Mentor|Students in 128 Countries | Tech Entrepreneur 

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13-online courses 

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  • Pack of 3 Skill Set Courses: Under these courses, you will learn and master the techniques and methods of public speaking. 
  • Pack of 3 Communication Capsules Courses.The beauty of each communication capsule course is that it is divided into two parts – mindset and skill set. 
  • Pack of 7 Experiential Learning Courses.This section is the third category in online courses, here I have shared my learnings and significant achievements like reaching the TEDx stage 9 times in 4 countries.

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13 Online courses + 21 Days Public speaking quest + 4 Live workshop under learn from Home offer + lIFE TIME SPEAK&GROW MEMBERSHIP + aCCESS TO PRACTICE CLUB


Comprehensive Learning Package

More About 4 Live Workshops

Learn the 3S Method Of Business Storytelling 

 Make Videos To Build Social Media Credibility

How To Structure & Evaluate Your content? 

Learn to setup e-Learning business 

More About 21 Days Quest

  • 21 DAYS ORGANISED PROGRAM containing 15 to 20 mins video everyday.
  • ENJOY the comfort of practising in front of more than 2,000 like minded people.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to monthly LIVE FAQ sessions by Praveen exclusively for Speak & Grow closed group. 
  • ​GET INSTANT ACCESS to recording of previous Q&A sessions
  • ​Monthly 60-90 min LIVE training by Praveen exclusively for members to apply their Public Speaking Skills in their personal and professional life.

More About 13 Online Courses 

1. Achieve Big In Career by Enhancing Public Speaking

Under this section, you will learn, how to connect effectively with the audience. Learn skills essential to create a memorable impact based on contemporary public speaking and presentations. Also, understand simple and effective 4-step speaking structure which can be used in any speaking situation. Master the skills that will help you look comfortable, confident and relaxed in any speaking situation. Furthermore, you can speak in your own natural way (which is the hardest for most people) and deliver a memorable presentation experience that will influence your audience.

2. Business Storytelling Skills - Unlock a Hidden Gem to Achieve Big In Your Career

Here is a step-by-step guide on business storytelling. This section will help you understand the power of stories and the importance of developing a good story bank. You will also learn the relationship between storytelling and financial growth. Also, I have incorporated real-life stories along with its four elementary types; different ways to strengthen your story bank using real-life stories; a simple yet effective 3S STORY STRUCTURE to frame stories; an in-depth understanding of the science behind storytelling; an “I.D.E.A” that will help you gain a firm hold on business storytelling; and Understanding the “A.B.C.D” of your audience before delivering your story.

3. The Right Mindsets for Better Public Speaking and Career Growth

You can expect to learn – how to use stories to persuade your listeners in an engaging way. Promote yourself or your company through real-life stories and gain the trust of your clients and colleagues through storytelling. Also, gather attention and eyeballs via using stories.

4. Learn How to Interact with the Audience on a Deeper Level

Get access to various techniques and methods available to interact with the audience. You will also understand the concept of “99% focus” . It means there will always be 1% of the audience who are not interested in listening to you. How to manage that audience? Mindset will help you to understand the true definition of an audience engagement. In the skill set section I have demonstrated various techniques and methods. I have broadly categorized audience engagement under two categories, you will not only understand these two categories at the same time you’ll understand what are the techniques and methods under these two categories.

5. Learn How to Make Videos for Building Leadership & Networking Skills

You will learn the most advanced technique of communicating with the world- making videos.
We should feel fortunate that we are living in a world where sharing your ideas with people irrespective of where they are located just a click away. Globally leaders are using videos to reach a maximum number of people to disseminate their knowledge and learning. 

6. Learn How to Express Yourself Clearly & Confidently

Like other communication capsule even this communication capsule is divided into mindset and skill-set.
In the mindset section I have discussed various concepts which will help you to understand the importance of speaking in the meetings and at the same time it will also help you to understand why people do not speak sometimes even if they have something to share especially in corporate meetings.
Under the skill-set section, I have covered techniques of speaking in meetings in various scenarios like if you want to correct someone, if want to cut someone off or how to react if someone interrupts you. 

7. Blueprint To Reach TEDx Stage

This will help you grow the right mindset required to reach on TEDx Stage and a step-by-step method you can apply on TEDx speaking opportunities. 

8. Learn How to Build Effective Conversation

 Learn how to build an engaging conversation with small or large groups. These conversation play a critical role in your personal and professional growth. You will also learn 6 things which can KILL your conversation, I have named it DEMONS of conversation:
1. Destructive
2. Equating

9. Learn How to Engage the Audience in Public Speaking

Through this course, you will learn how to engage the audience every time you stand in front of them and explore modern techniques of engaging the audience at a cerebral level. Also, you will learn do’s and don’ts to ensure effective audience engagement.

10. Understanding Public Speaking Jargons

The first most important skill you will learn is the difference between gestures and body language. This understanding will help you to look natural on the stage, avoid unnecessary and exaggerated gestures to convey the message. At the same time you also learn the difference between stage moment and stage coverage, especially for those people who move continuously or in a rhythmic manner whenever they speak in front of people. I have also covered the difference between audience involvement vs audience engagement which will help you to give powerful presentation
Understanding Public Speaking Jargons :
Gestures vs Body Language
Stage Movement vs Stage Coverage.

11. Role of Meditation in Public Speaking

You will learn the connection between public speaking skills and meditation. I have learned and realized this during my Vipassana meditation training. It's very simple to understand meditation is all about focusing on one thing and whenever we speak in front of people we have to focus only on one thing. Sometimes we believe that one thing is content, sometime we believe that one thing is your body language or vocal variety. But, after spending three years studying this skill I strongly believe that “one thing” is only the audience.
Every time when you speak in front of people it is very important for you to focus only on the audience like their reactions, their gestures, their understanding etc. If you understand simple techniques of meditation and connect that with your speaking skills it will help you to speak effectively every time when you stand in front of people.

12. 5-Scale Method of Speech Evaluation

You will learn a simple five-scale method to evaluate your presentation’s impact. Whether I am giving a TEDx presentation or speaking in front of my team members or clients & if I have to evaluate my presentation even I use this five scale method.

13. Learn How to Structure an Effective Presentation or Speech

In this course you will learn container theory of structuring your presentation, this is one of the most commonly used techniques by various leaders whenever they speak in front of people. I have personally used container theory during several speaking occasions in the last few years including my talks at TEDx, IITs, IIMs. 

More About Speak&Grow Practice Club

  • 5000+ Members 
  • Closed group 
  • ​Practise with like minded people 
  • ​Monthly communication league 
  • ​Cash prize upto 25,000 for winners 

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About Praveen Wadalkar

  • 20 years of professional experience in corporate and entrepreneurship (10 years each).
  • ​Quarter-finalist of world champion of public speaking 2020
  • ​​​​9-Times TEDx Speaker | 4 countries. 
  • ​​10+ Visiting talks in IITs and IIMs in the last 2 years. 
  • ​Founder & CEO at Speak & Grow | E-Learning company with 15,000+ students in 128 countries.
  • ​​Author of 3 Books "Public Speaking and Leadership" and two more.
  • ​​​​Co-Founder & CEO at Techizer | IT company with 200+ Employees.
  • ​Winner of THE ECONOMIC TIMES "Promising Entrepreneurs of India-2019".
  • ​Acknowledged by IFAH among TOP 100 Asia leaders in healthcare.

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